Amazon 104 – Amazon Pricing: Setting Appropriate Prices

Determining the right price for your item on Amazon can be tough and there are a number of things to consider. This article walks through two methods that you can use for finding the elusive pricing sweet spot where customers will pay it and you’ll still be profitable. Pricing is all about trial and error, so we recommend using both of them together and seeing what works best for you and your business. Method 1 – “Bottom-Up” When you look at your Amazon pricing from a “bottom-up” perspective, you’ll take all of your costs into account, determine the margin you want to make, and set a price that way. 1. Start With Your Raw Materials Keep track of what materials you use to make your…
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Amazon 101 – The Basics: Amazon Promo Codes and Selling.

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One of the best ways to sell products on Amazon is to give out online coupon codes for your products. Then, email popular coupon sites like Couponcoder and give them out. Here’s an example pages: Amazon Promo Code – November 2017 – Up to 90% Off Amazon Coupons! This article reviews the basic components of how to succeed on Amazon. For a full walkthrough of how to create your Amazon account in the first place, sign up for a free (no credit card required) trial of the eSale Portal here and download the guide from the first page. Amazon is an e-commerce leader with more than 244 million customers globally and more than 2 million merchants selling items on its marketplaces. Over the last 20…